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  1. API pricing protests caused Reddit to crash for 3 hours

    Thousands of subreddits going dark broke Reddit's website, mobile app.

  2. “Clearly predatory”: Western Digital sparks panic, anger for age-shaming HDDs

    Drives automatically get a "warning" flag if powered on for 3 years.

  3. M2 Ultra Mac Studio review: Who needs a Mac Pro, anyway?

    The realities of Apple Silicon make the Studio the best bet for most pros.

  4. Ex-Samsung executive alleged to have stolen tech to recreate chip plant in China

    Six others also indicted as Korea toughens response to leakage of secrets.

  5. Review: Apple’s 15-inch MacBook Air says what it is and is what it says

    Like the M2 Pro Mac mini, it's a bridge between Apple's low- and high-end Macs.

  6. Acer reportedly sent Russia $70M in PC gear after saying it paused business there

    Reuters says Acer used Swiss subsidiary to send Russia "at least" 744 shipments.

  7. Researchers discover that ChatGPT prefers repeating 25 jokes over and over

    When tested, "Over 90% of 1,008 generated jokes were the same 25 jokes."

  8. Judge denies Amazon’s, Apple’s motions to dismiss class action price-fixing suit

    Which markets are hurt by companies' agreement is "reserved for a jury."

  9. Google’s Bard AI can now write and execute code to answer a question

    Google says having an LLM write code is akin to humans doing long division.

  10. Blue Microphones branding is going away after 28 years

    The Blue name was a hat tip to the co-founder's Latvian roots.

  11. One man’s nearly 40-year, 8-bit quest to finish his teenage Commodore 64 RPG

    Disks and tapes are fallible, so it's back to assembly code and pencil notes.

  12. Nvidia’s AI software tricked into leaking data

    Researchers manipulate feature in ways that could reveal sensitive information.

  1. I just bought the only physical encyclopedia still in print, and I regret nothing

    The still-updated World Book Encyclopedia is my antidote to the information apocalypse.

  2. Google makes office attendance part of performance reviews

    Employees need to be in the office at least three days a week.

  3. Today I stumbled upon Microsoft’s 4K rendering of the Windows XP wallpaper

    Microsoft Design site has a ton of attractive wallpapers, retro and otherwise.

  4. Reddit’s new API pricing will kill off Apollo on June 30

    Faced with 30 days' notice for a $1.6 million monthly bill, Apollo calls it quits.

  5. Autonomous Waymo car runs over dog in San Francisco

    The vehicle was in autonomous mode with a safety driver present in a 25 mph zone.

  6. Reddit insists on being “fairly paid” amid API price protest plans, layoffs

    Reddit, accused of trying to kill third-party apps, is cutting 5% of workforce.

  7. Apple removes $99 dev account requirement for first iOS 17 and macOS 14 betas

    We'll also explain how the beta install process has changed since last year.

  8. Apple has a Proton-like Game Porting Toolkit for getting Windows games on Mac

    Eager gamers already have Cyberpunk, Diablo IV running on Apple Silicon Macs.

  9. 15-inch MacBook Air hands-on: Just what some folks were asking for

    Apple hasn’t reinvented anything here, but we like options.

  10. Hands-on with Apple Vision Pro: This is not a VR headset

    This was the best headset demo I’ve ever seen. But there’s room for improvement.

  11. Dell in hot water for making shoppers think overpriced monitors were discounted

    It happened on Dell's Australia website, but misleading sale claims are common.

  12. Apple is going out of its way to make sure Vision Pro doesn’t look dorky

    Opinion: Apple normalized AirPods and smartwatches. Can it normalize headsets?

  1. Google Workspace users can now log in without a password, thanks to passkeys

    After the consumer launch last month, businesses can ditch their Google passwords.

  2. Redditor creates working anime QR codes using Stable Diffusion

    Image-synthesis technique relies upon QR's natural error-correction properties.

  3. LG makes a 27-inch tablet forever bound to a rugged suitcase

    Internal arm lets the screen lie horizontally, vertically, or flat, like a table.

  4. Vision Pro developer kits will help devs get their apps ready before launch

    Apple is doing a few things to help developers get ready for its new platform.

  5. What to make of Apple’s intriguing $3,499 Vision Pro headset

    Some instant analysis of Apple's boldest product experiment in years.

  6. Apple avoids “AI” hype at WWDC keynote by baking ML into products

    Apple prefers using "machine learning," or just having AI work in the background.

  7. Reddit’s plan to kill third-party apps sparks widespread protests

    Users revolt over Reddit's API pricing as third-party apps face shutdowns.

  8. macOS Sonoma drops support for another wide swath of Intel Macs

    As the last Intel Mac is finally replaced, software support is gradually fading.

  9. iOS and iPadOS 17 drop support for iPhone X, first iPad Pros, and other old devices

    You'll need a device made within the last five years to get new features.

  10. Apple reveals Vision Pro, available for $3,499 “early next year”

    New visionOS, R1 chip power "the first Apple product you look through, not at."

  11. Apple is adding adaptive audio to AirPods Pro

    Automatic switching from iPhone to Mac is supposed to get faster, too.

  12. watchOS 10 brings widgets and new corner icons to Apple’s wearable

    It will be one of the more notable recent watchOS updates.