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  1. DeSantis ad uses fake AI images of Trump hugging and kissing Fauci, experts say

    Trump/Fauci Images have strange hair, garbled text, and unnatural body parts.

  2. California hospital staff call for halt of surgeries over bizarre particles

    Hospital officials said the equipment is sterile, while staff questions safety.

  3. Nvidia’s new monster CPU+GPU chip may power the next gen of AI chatbots

    It takes a lot of computing power to pretend to be human.

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  1. This trailer-sized EV charger will be tested at Dallas airport in June

    This mobile charger can service four EVs at once at up to 80 kW.

  2. Damning probes find Instagram is key link connecting pedophile rings

    Lawmakers, researchers demand Meta do more to stop Instagram pedophile rings.

  3. EV market share is growing because the vehicles keep getting better

    New research finds plenty of reasons for the appeal of EVs

  4. Boeing hit with a lawsuit over alleged “theft” of SLS rocket tools

    "Without the engines installed and fitted perfectly, the rocket could not launch."

  5. AI system devises first optimizations to sorting code in over a decade

    Writing efficient code was turned into a game, and the AI played to win.

  6. Robocalls claiming voters would get “mandatory vaccines” result in $5M fine

    Black people targeted with conspiracy theory about voting and mandatory vaccines.

  7. New York’s air quality reaches “hazardous” level, by far the worst in the world

    Wildfire smoke conditions worsened across much of Northeast US on Wednesday.

  8. Autonomous Waymo car runs over dog in San Francisco

    The vehicle was in autonomous mode with a safety driver present in a 25 mph zone.

  9. Reddit insists on being “fairly paid” amid API price protest plans, layoffs

    Reddit, accused of trying to kill third-party apps, is cutting 5% of workforce.

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  1. Apple removes $99 dev account requirement for first iOS 17 and macOS 14 betas

    We'll also explain how the beta install process has changed since last year.

  2. Dozens of popular Minecraft mods found infected with Fracturiser malware

    Stop downloading or updating Minecraft mods for now, investigators say.

  3. Pornhub attacks states for passing “unsafe” age-verification laws

    Pornhub wants to punt privacy concerns of age verification to Big Tech.

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  1. Twitch reverses overlaid stream sponsor ban after mass creator backlash [Updated]

    "I've never seen creators so pissed," one industry watcher said of the furor.

  2. Apple has a Proton-like Game Porting Toolkit for getting Windows games on Mac

    Eager gamers already have Cyberpunk, Diablo IV running on Apple Silicon Macs.

  3. Why you’ll never fly in an airplane with those double-decker seats

    Yet again, a designer proposes cramming way more people into airliners.

  4. Dealmaster: Savings on maker tools and board games

    Keep summer crafty with savings on a range of maker tools.

  5. Volvo’s next EV is here, and it’s affordable—the $34,950 EX30

    The next Swedish EV won't break the bank, and it has a tiny carbon footprint to boot.

  6. Jon Hamm is an amnesiac archangel lost in Soho in Good Omens S2 trailer

    Aziraphale: "I think I may have just started a war...."

  1. FBI warns of increasing use of AI-generated deepfakes in sextortion schemes

    Deepfake videos show real people engaged in fake sex.

  2. 15-inch MacBook Air hands-on: Just what some folks were asking for

    Apple hasn’t reinvented anything here, but we like options.

  3. Hands-on with Apple Vision Pro: This is not a VR headset

    This was the best headset demo I’ve ever seen. But there’s room for improvement.

  4. J&J’s COVID vaccine is dead in the US; FDA revokes authorization

    The withdrawal leaves the two mRNA vaccines and the Novavax protein subunit vaccine.

  5. Dell in hot water for making shoppers think overpriced monitors were discounted

    It happened on Dell's Australia website, but misleading sale claims are common.

  6. Apple is going out of its way to make sure Vision Pro doesn’t look dorky

    Opinion: Apple normalized AirPods and smartwatches. Can it normalize headsets?

  7. Google Workspace users can now log in without a password, thanks to passkeys

    After the consumer launch last month, businesses can ditch their Google passwords.